Model Class Size Engine Horse Power @2100rpm HP Boost Grain Bin
S96 6 AGCO Power 8.4L 322 398 13,743
S97 7 AGCO Power 9.8L 375 451 13,743
S98 8 AGCO Power 9.8L 430 471 13.743

Disc or Draper Front

With a single set of steel-on-steel conditioner rolls, the 9195 RazorBar header crimps stems every two to three inches. To speed drying time and further preserve leaf quality, our 9196 model features the new TwinMax Advanced Conditioning System, which “double crimps” the crop through a total of four conditioning rolls, resulting in a crimp approximately every inch. The herringbone pattern on each model helps feed the crop evenly on both sides. And conditioner roll pressure is maintained by a hydraulic roll tensioning system, allowing for consistent roll pressure, effective crimping and the best quality hay possible.

While the S9 Series is a new generation, its components are not untested technology. Over eight decades, the Gleaner combine has become known for its unique design and performance, and many of those attributes and mechanisms remain in this latest edition.
The Gleaner performance comes from the combination of our own patented processes and components with a design unlike any of our competitors.

  • The two-stage, four-strand gathering-chain system allows the cylinder to be smoothly fed at the same angle regardless of the header height.
  • The Natural Flow™ transverse rotor in our Tritura processor keeps crop moving in one uninterrupted direction directly from the header into the rotor and out the rear of the machine.
  • Distribution augers spread material evenly before it enters the cleaning process, allowing a uniform ribbon of material without the uneven feeding and bunching of other designs.
  • Industry-exclusive accelerator rolls speed the crop’s descent, allowing more air to clean the crop more thoroughly with reduced sensitivity to hills and slopes but without the expense and complexity of self-leveling cleaning systems.
  • The transverse fan has exclusive two-stage cleaning:
    The first stage cleans heavy material beneath the accelerator rolls, pushing chaff out the rear of the combine. The second stage comes up through the sieveand chaffer, lifting remaining chaff and carrying
    it out the rear of the combine. Together, they greatly improve cleaning efficiency over competitors’ designs.
  • A fully welded frame keeps the S9 Series solid and strong and provides a stable foundation for all shafts and components.
  • Low centre of gravity, heavy final drives and welded frames on the S9 Series provide for a standard bin capacity of 13,743 L on the S96, S97 and Class 8 S98, one of the largest bin capacities on any Class 6 through Class 8 combine in the industry.
  • Unique DirectFlow™ two-auger design features a large 305 mm grain bin cross auger that feeds the 356 mm swivel unloader auger at a 29-degree angle. Because we use only two straight-through augers versus the 90-degree turns of competitive systems with three or more augers, Gleaner can deliver better grain quality with less component wear and reduced horsepower and fuel requirements.


Twin turbocharged fuel-efficient, high-torque 8.4L AGCO Power engine delivering 322 rated horsepower and maximum boost horsepower of 398 horsepower.

Twin turbocharged, fuel-efficient, high-torque 9.8L AGCO Power engine delivering 375 rated horsepower and an awesome maximum boost horsepower of 451 horsepower.

Twin turbocharged, fuel-efficient hightorque 9.8L AGCO Power engine delivering 430 rated horsepower and maximum boost horsepower of 471 horsepower.

The S9 Series combines represent a number of developments that will make a significant difference in the productivity of your harvest.

The Vision™ cab features 15 per cent more volume 3.6 m3 versus 3.2 m3 than the ComforTech™ cab it replaces. Visibility is enhanced with total glass area of 6 m2 and front glass area was increased by 22 per cent to 3 m2 for unmatched visibility.

This newly engineered cab has a much larger and deeper curved-glass windshield laminated with solar properties, narrower A-posts and B-pillars that have been moved for more room. The cab sound level is only 75.5 dBa in corn, making it a very quiet environment in the noisiest crop condition.

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