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By February 7, 2020March 4th, 2020No Comments

Wagga sales team member, Adrian Quilty, has just racked up seven years with JGW. Loyal, friendly and honest (to a fault), Adrian says his career highlight was the first time his sale saw a John Deere traded-in for a Massey Ferguson.

Read on to hear how Adrian’s love of rugby is what led him to his role at JGW. Let’s hope his track record playing was better than his coaching.

“I grew up in Cootamundra. I went to Cootamundra High School and that sadly is pretty much where my schooling came to an end!

“I’ve had a few goes at a few things over the years. I went straight into the army after school and served in Infantry spending time on operations overseas.

“I then bought a pub (not as cool as you think!) and after a brief stint as a sales rep – found my way to JGW.

“I come from a farming family background and I always had a desire to get into the ag industry. It was where my heart was.

“I was playing rugby with a mate and he told me to put my resume in (to JGW). The rest is history!

“I joined JGW in November 2011, so that makes it seven years in the role. I’m in sales so it’s that general development of us and our brands.

“I’ve really enjoyed it. The highlight would have to be the first time I traded a John Deere in on a Massey!

“Every day has something new. Every day brings new challenges and every day sees new chances. I think the thing I value the most is that long-term relationship that you can develop with our customers.

“It doesn’t have to be about the Sales/Customer relationship – its more that you are a vital part of their team. And, to be fair, JGW is a bloody good place to work!

“We’ve had the same core group here for a long time and it’s been awesome to be part of a company that is growing.

“In my spare time – I still love my rugby! I played until I got told I couldn’t anymore, and then I coached, worked on committees and still coach now when I can.

“I coached Wagga City Rugby Club Second Grade to four grand finals and lost the lot! They won it the following year when I was assistant First grade coach.

“I really enjoy time with family and friends. It’s never wasted! I also occasionally like the odd beer.

“My most prized personal quality would have to be humour. If you can’t laugh at yourself – what can you laugh at?

“Something I live by would have to be that nothing worth doing is easy!”