The goal of Iseki TM Series compact tractors is to provide the ultimate compact utility tractor. All controls are in the right place – at the operator’s fingertips.

The PTO features a two speed modulation button for slower engagement of rear implements or a mid mounted mower deck that reduces implement shock and operator fatigue. Long hours at work are made more comfortable by an insulated operator’s platform that absorbs vibrations and a suspension seat to smooth rough terrain.

The TM Series compact tractors are also available with a selection of options that make it the perfect versatile addition to your property or agricultural operations.


Model Displacement/Cyl Engine Rated Power Type PTO Speed Transmission Type
TM3245 1123cc/3 16.8/22.5 Independant 540/2000 Hydrostatic
TM3265 1498cc/3 18.9/25.7 Independant 540/2000 Hydrostatic


Quiet and efficient
Full power at low revs
Easy maintenance access

Rubber mounts isolate vibration
Ergonomically located controls
Comfortable suspension seat

Two double acting auxiliary fender mounted hydraulic outlets
33l/m flow for easy loader work
Three point linkage with a 600kg lift capacity


Dyna-4 offers first-rate productivity. The dynamic performance and efficient design behind the Dyna-4 transmission continues to impress with incredibly smooth four-speed, powershift change in each of the four ranges, giving you first-rate productivity, every time.

Dynamic performance comes from the optimised design of the Dyna-4 transmission. Well-known features include Power Control, ‘pedal-free’ operation, four-speed PowerShift, Speedmatching and Autodrive.

Dyna-4 Highlights:

  • Optimum field performance as four range changes provide 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds, all available without having to use the clutch pedal!
  • Operation is simple and less repetitive with ergonomically placed controls, reducing operator fatigue and stress.
  • The left-hand Power Control lever enables convenient and straightforward operation.
  • The choice of pedal and lever mode minimises operator effort and maximises productivity.
  • Straightforward design and proven, reliable components provide exceptionally smooth operation with strength and longevity.

With the continuously-variable Dyna-VT transmission, we have developed a system of power transfer that surpasses all others for ease of use and precision. The Dyna-VT is a proven and refined transmission delivering seamless strength hour after hour. It’s intuitive to the operator, the easiest of transmissions to understand and get the most from, and new operators will quickly settle into feeling at one with the machine. Combined with Electronic Power Management, Dyna-VT allows you to get the optimum performance, efficiency and economy from your tractor.

  • Dyna-VT Highlights:
  • 0.03 to 40 km/h or 50 km/h*
  • 40 km/h super Eco or 50 km/h* Eco
  • The choice of two speed ranges optimises torque for different applications
  • Lever or pedal control
  • C1/C2 cruise speeds
  • ‘Supervisor’ maximises the output under varying loads
  • Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) maintains the set travel speed by automatically adjusting the power (engine speed) according to load
  • Engine Power Management
  • Active Stop
  • Turbo clutch on/off
  • Shuttle aggressiveness adjustment
  • Pedal aggressiveness adjustment
  • Switch between cruise speeds (C1 and C2)
  • Brake pedal to neutral feature*Depending on market ligislation

Three range transmission
Dual forward/reverse pedals
4WD & diff lock

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