Key features


2.97m – 4.89m


Responsive Multiple Springs




Steel – Steel






Model Cutting Width (m) Number of Discs Conditioner Type Roll Tensioning Min. PTO (HP)
MF 1366 2.97 6 Steel on steel rollers – intermeshing herringbone design Mechanically adjustable dual spring 75
MF 1383 3.96 8 Steel on steel rollers – intermeshing herringbone design Unique hydraulic tensioning 100
MF 1386 4.89 10 Steel on steel rollers – intermeshing herringbone design Unique hydraulic tensioning 120

Key features

The best cutterbar in the business, the RazorBarTM has proven peformance in all crops with an extremely robust construction, exceptionally clean cut couple with a very efficient crop conditioning system.

The RazorBar™ modular spur gear design allows the cutterbar profile to be thinner, allowing closer cutting with less scalping, increasing cutoff and stubble cut quality. Featuring extra-large cutting discs with a 622 mm cutting diameter, allowing for increased disc overlap and better cut off between discs.

Standard from the factory, Radura™ Knives have a high wear life and are manufactures using a cold rolling edge cutting process.
Knife Options:

  • 18° “High Lift” bottom bevel factory equipped
  • 11° Top bevel
  • 11°Bottom Bevel
  • 10° Combinantion bevel – rocky conditions

On the MF1383 and MF1386 Mower Conditioners, crop conditioner roll pressure is maintained by the use of a hydraulic roll tensioning system for effective crop crimping and the best quality hay possible. The hydraulic adjustment allows for consistent roll pressure and easy adjustment.

MF Mower conditioners  crimp the crop utilising a single set of steel on steel conditioner rolls, crimping the crop stem every 2-3 inches. This crimping action on both systems breaks the stem open to release moisture and reduce drying time while preserving leaf quality for high quality hay. The herringbone tread pattern feeds the crop evenly on both sides to the center for even windrow formulation.

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