Model Bin Capacity Superphosphate Lime Urea Tare Weight Hyd. Flow Rate Reqd.
Orchard 2.5 m3 3.0T 3.9T 2.1 T 970kg 40-60 l/min
2501 2.5m3 3.0T 3.9T 2.1T 1050kg 40-60 l/min
3802 3.9m3 4.6T 5.9T 3.2T 1550kg 40-60 l/min
5001 5.0m3 6.0T 7.8T 4.3T 1750kg 40-60 l/min
6601 6.6m3 8.0T 10.2T 5.6T 2155kg 60 l/min
8301 8.3m3 10.0T 13.0T 7.0T 2450kg 60 l/min

Key features

If an accurate spread pattern with precision rate control is important to you, then Giltrap spreaders are what you are looking for. All Giltrap machines are fitted standard, with hydraulic belt drive electronically controlled from the tractor cab, with consistent and repeatable spread settings.

All you need to know is the fertiliser density, your spreading width and the desired application rate – the computer does the rest so you can focus on driving.

The 3mm corrosion resistant stainless steel bin will last for years and the 850mm wide rubber belt lets you spread almost anything you can think of.

These fertiliser spreaders are packed with features to make your job easier.



  • 3mm Grade 304 stainless steel bin provides years of corrosion free use
  • Stainless steel fertiliser deflectors behind the spinners
  • Independant chassis constructed from grade 350 RHS steel provides a rigid mounting and towing base for the fert bin
  • Low centre of gravity for safety around hills
  • Swivel towing hitch
  • Adjustable quick lift jack stand
  • Bolt-on axle assembly for simple removal and servicing
  • Easily adjustable door with 3 spreading positions for different application rates and products
  • 850mm wide x 8mm thick vulcanised endless rubber belt with 5mm high chevron cleats moves fertiliser efficiently through the door.
  • No high maintenance drag chains and slats
  • Belt drive and idler cage rollers are hot dipped galvanised
  • Drive roller is crowned for reliable belt tracking
  • Heavy pinch roller increases the wrap of the belt around the drive roller for positive belt grip
  • Stainless steel adjusters for belt positioning and tracking
  • 60mm diameter idler rollers support the belt at 120mm centres along the length
  • No ground or wheel drive. Giltrap only use a fully hydraulic drive system, measuring ground speed electronically for spreading rate control adjustment via the computer
  • Twin spinners operating up to 1000rpm with adjustable speed
  • Spinner speed digital display on the DICKEY-john® computer
  • Fully enclosed spinner shaft drivelines

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