More choices in precision means better decisions!

Full-color touchscreen displays, with Horizon software, take precision machine control to new levels of performance and ease-of-use.

The Topcon X Family of multi-touch guidance consoles brings innovative,
industry-leading performance and ease-of-use to any size farming operation that is seeking to use precision to improve operational efficiency and reduce input costs.


An entry-level console with a simple, easy-to-use full-color 3D touchscreen offering moving map guidance or autosteering, as well as a virtual  on-screen lightbar.

  • Full range of manual and autosteering patterns
  • Simple, intuitive, icon-based, user-definable interface
  • Easy setup on leading market vehicles
  • Bright, sunlight-readable display
  • Supports auto section control (ASC)
  • Supports single product rate control
  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, easy-to-upgrade as needs grow

Full-featured, 3D color touchscreen offering precision machine control and high-accuracy autosteering for the more price conscious farmer and smaller cab environments.

  • Full range of manual and autosteering patterns
  • Multi-touch display with 2 mini-views and 1 main view
  • Full mapping and data management capability
  • Full ISO UT and ISO TC embedded
  • Basic and advanced feature packages for any size operation<//li>
  • Exportable boundary, coverage, logging and as-applied maps
  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, easy-to-upgrade as needs grow

The X30 has a well earned reputation as the easiest-to-use console on the market, including an all-in-one design that reduces cab clutter.


  • All-in-one system
  • Multi-touch display with up to 3 mini-views and 1 main view
  • Variable rate control (VRC) for up to 8 products
  • 30-section auto section control (ASC) of sprayer, spreader and planter
  • Up to 32-section ASC ISO Task Controller (TC) interface
  • Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use
The Topcon X35 Console is an all-in-one solution designed for the most demanding conditions and cutting-edge operations. The premier console of the X-Console family lineup, the X35 boasts industry leading control for any application, from tillage through harvest. Following its time- and field-proven predecessor, the X30, it’s easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and easy-to-upgrade as needs grow. Coupled with Topcon guidance, sensing & control, and connectivity solutions, the X35 sets the bar for precision AG interfaces.

Topcon support takes a leap forward with the X35. Utilizing the new Horizon Software Remote Support Tool, technicians can take full-control and fix issues remotely. Now native within Topcon Horizon Software, the tool operates as fluidly as having a support rep. in-cab.

Aligned with the modularity and flexibility of the greater Topcon AG portfolio, the X35 can now replicate feature views/windows on virtually any mobile device. Through the Horizon Software XTend application, readily available through iOS and Android app stores, users can extend any application window on their phone or tablet, increasing operational visibility and control.

Features Include:

  • 12.1in color touchscreen display
  • Topcon Horizon Software embedded
  • New Remote Support Tool, allowing technicians to remotely diagnose and fix issues
  • Horizon XTend displays any view/window on virtually any mobile device
  • Data transfer through Topcon Mobile AG Network cloud based solution
  • GNSS standard when tied with SGR-1/AGI-4 Receivers
  • Auto section control (ASC) up to 200 sections via ISOBUS
  • Variable rate control (VRC) up to 8 products
  • ISOBUS features UT, TC-BAS, TC-GEO and TC-SC
  • Up to 6 cameras, directly connected through X35
Horizon Software

Horizon software is the user’s portal to easily interface with the X Family of Topcon touchscreen consoles. It has been developed to allow users to customize their views, so the software becomes intuitive to learn and operate.

Virtual Display Controller (VDC)

The VDC is a programmable user interface (UI) that makes repetitive tasks as simple as a button push. The VDC can mount on the armrest near the operator for easy access. It is designed to avoid the need to reach for the screen in rugged field conditions.

AgCam Interface for X30 Consoles

Get high quality on-screen video in any light condition, day or night, displaying up to two selectable camera views on the X30 touchscreen console. Solid-state, rugged and waterproof, with strong magnetic mounts, AgCams are easily positioned and moved among vehicles or implements.