The Twinstar Generation 3 Basket Rake
Features Model 2027G3-7 Model 2030G3-7
Slide Tubes Double Pair Double Pair
Maximum Raking Width Up to 27′ Up to 30′
Transport Width 10′-9″ 10′-9″
Overall Length 19′-5″ 20′-2″
Approximate Weight 5100 lbs 5600 lbs
Tire Size (4) LT235/75R15 (4) LT235/75R15
Rubber Mounted Tines Standard: 154 per basket Optional: 224 per basket Standard: 175 per basket Optional: 259 per basket
Basket Reel Speed Maximum 90 RPM Maximum 90 RPM
Tine Bar Bearings Precision Sealed ball bearings Precision Sealed ball bearings
Hydraulic Requirement 12 gallons/minute @ 2000 PSI Tractor with single hydraulic remotes 12 gallons/minute @ 2000 PSI Tractor with single hydraulic remotes
Operating Speed Up to 10 MPH Up to 10 MPH
Gauge Wheels Optional Front and Rear


  • Seven-function electric/hydraulic valve and control box plus baskets on / off switch
  • Independent raising & lowering of left / right baskets or together
  • Faster raising & lowering of baskets
  • Higher torque basket drive motors are standard equipment
  • New time-tested solid rubber gauge wheels
  • Split hoses with JIC fittings at end of slide tubes for serviceability
  • Improved double-shear angle cylinder mounts
  • Transport light kit per ASABE / ANSIS279
  • Baskets equipped with 30″ diameter drive & idler wheels 3/8″ high strength steel
  • Baskets make fluffier, more uniform windrows for faster drying time
  • 7 Tine Bar design allows for higher ground speeds up to 10 MPH
  • Baskets are designed to handle heavier crops
  • 7 Bar Baskets allow the operator to rake longer in the day, accomplished by slowing basket RPM speed which minimizes leaf loss
  • Hydraulic drive motors are mounted to a separate bearing housing and shaft assembly which in turn is mounted to the drive wheel and basket assembly for increased strength & reliability
  • Basket rake assemblies are equipped with torsion axles which provide a superior suspension versus spring protection
  • Basket Frames are designed for durability & are equipped with gauge wheel mounting brackets front and rear
  • Parallel basket linkage provides heavy-duty basket support and precision alignment
  • Idler end of the basket is equipped with a self-aligning idler hub. This unique feature ensures precision tine bar, bearing and hub alignment which provides years of trouble free service

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