Small Square Twine – Twin pack


Product Description

2 x 2200mtr Rolls
Brilliant Blue

With modern balers continuing to offer increased performance, a lot is expected from the baler twine. The strength to contain the pressure of high density bales and the durability to contain the bale during handling and transportation is critical.
Baler twine begins as polypropylene raw material resin, which is then balanced with the additives required for colour, UV resistance and other ingredients necessary for production.
The raw material mixture is extruded into a flat plastic tape, which is then twisted and spooled into the finished product.
AGCO Parts twines are designed and manufactured to meet the strict and demanding needs of modern day balers, with particular emphasis on Big Square Twine to suit the new ‘XD’ range of Massey Ferguson balers.

The ‘easy feed’ spool system provides a wider spool centre from which twine is drawn, allowing it to run free and easier from the spool centre without kinking. This eliminates problems in the twine guides and knotter mechanism.

All AGCO Parts Big Square baler twine is guaranteed to have a uniform twist, allowing trouble free operation through the twine guides and knotter mechanism.
AGCO Parts twine is manufactured under a Quality Assurance System certified by ISO 9002, using the highest grade raw material. Every spool is guaranteed togive the correct strength and knotting performance and is fully stabilised to offer maximum protection against degradation from harmful UV radiation.

Developed through years of continuous manufacturing expertise, AGCO Parts twine is produced to guarantee maximum benefit for the end user.