Brookfield SuperDrill

The Brookfield SuperDrill mimics its little brother the ChainBar in all its chains & tooling options. The difference is the SuperDrill is essentially a seeder, with proven success in the field sowing cereals and Lucerne.

In typical Brookfield style this machine is good for more than one thing. Combine the trash handling abilities of the disc chains with the seeding coulters making the perfect partner for your stubble management program.


SectionsModelWorking Width MetricWorking Width ImperialTransport HeightTransport widthTransport lengthweight* without seedbin (tonne)
3 SectionsSD60/SD60S6.0m19′4.5m3.7m10.7m9.0
3 SectionsSD90/SD90S9.0m29’6″4.4m3.6m13.3m10.5
5 SectionsSD120/SD120S12.0m39’5″4.8m5.2m14.0m13.0
5 SectionsSD150D/SD150S15.0m49’3″5.2m5.5m14.0m15.0


Coulter Options500mm (20”) Bevelled Coulters 500mm Fluted Coulter
Seed Tube Options25mm (1”) Stainless Steel 32mm (1.25”) Stainless Steel (standard) 38mm (1.5”) Stainless Steel
Coulter Spacing Options6” Spacing 8” Spacing 10” Spacing (standard) 12” Spacing
Lights and SignsFull LED Light Kit OVERSIZE Sign Flags
Add-On KitsSmall Seeds Applicator Chemical Application Kit
Tank Options1500L Single Tank 3000L Double Tank 4500L Double Tank 4500L Triple Tank 6000L Double Tank 6000L Triple Tank Loading/Unloading Auger Electric/ Hydraulic Metering Variable Seed Rate Controller
Hydraulics4 Remotes Optional Remote Control

Min Horsepower Required*

Coulter SpacingSD60/SD60SSD90/SD90SSD120/SD120SSD150/SD150S

*With heaviest chain in harsh conditions
May vary depending on chain and soil type

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