ModelOverall LengthOverall HeightOverall WidthTank CapacityTare WeightPump Capacity
50005.45m2.40m2.50m5250 litres2130kg6500 l/min
75006.70m2.45m2.50m7700 litres2600kg8000 l/min
100006.80m2.90m2.50m10050 litres3750kg12000 l/min
120006.50m3.10m2.80m12050 litres3900kg12000 l/min
150006.85m3.10m2.80m15050 litres4400kg12000 l/min
200008.50m3.20m2.65m20000 litres7700kg12000 l/min


Top quality European components ensure constant, reliable handling of effluent, day in and day out.  The tank is manufactured from 5mm plate steel, with 6mm domed ends and a strong integrated chassis giving the tank support throughout its entire length.

Also available is the Hydraulic Suspension drawbar minimising stress to the tank/drawbar and giving superior ride to the operator.  The ability to change the angle of the tank by 3 degrees, to help discharge of thick slurry, is also achieved using this hydraulic suspension drawbar.

The vacuum pump used is a Battioni Pagani rotary vane type, which is very low maintenance, and efficiently handles the day-to-day duty cycles of a farm effluent spreader. The tanks are built to an exacting standard, and are individually pressure tested to twice the recommended working pressure, guaranteeing build quality and safety in the field.




  • Battioni Pagani vacuum pump
  • Tandem axle
  • Strong integrated chassis and drawbar
  • Internal baffle plate to prevent surging
  • Separate filling points
  • Access points for easy cleaning
  • Level indicator
  • Lightweight sectioned suction hoses for easy handling
  • Brass and galvanised fittings for corrosion protection
  • Double moisture trap system
  • Hose racks on left or right hand side
  • Epoxy paint inside the tank to reduce corrosion

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