Pegasus 5000/6000

The rugged chassis design and large rolling radius single wheels work together with a robust boom to provide ultimate spraying control in almost any terrain.

  • Proven chassis design – Structural integrity and stability for a smooth ride
  • Stable booms – Exceptional boom stability ensures spray coverage is maximised
  • Simple operation – The Pegasus range is renown for being exceptionally easy to operate with one master panel for all liquid functions

Up to 7 boom sections
Using reliable ARAG motorised ball valves match to an auto-rate spray controller to suit.

Adjustable hitch design
The adjustable hitch allows operators to match tractor and sprayer drawbar height for less wear and tear on the PTO universals, along with correct weight distribution.

Large operator access area
The large platform area gives easy access to the filling lid and liquid control system.

Central control panel
Makes filling, flushing, chemical mixing and induction a simple and efficient process from one central point. All functions are at hand to cut out wasted time and effort. All tanks can be filled from a single source using a simple rotary valve for tank selection.

Airbag axle suspension
Standard on all Pegasus 6000 units. Standard on 5000 when fitted with a 33 or 36 metre boom. Optional on the 5000 when fitted with a 30, 28 or 24 metre boom. This suspension option is recommended for more undulating terrain.

Nozzles and nozzle bodies
Single non drip nozzle bodies complete with the AirMix® air-induction nozzles fitted standard. Stainless steel boom lines with filters for each section and boom flush taps fitted standard. Twin boom lines and triplex nozzle bodies are available options.

Big pump capacity
The large capacity AR185 (180 L/min open-flow) diaphragm pump gives reliable, positive displacement liquid delivery with, minimal service or downtime. Maximum operational system pressure is 10 bar – perfect for low to high pressure air-induction nozzles. An optional 250 L/min pump is available. Hydraulic drive pump options are available instead of the standard PTO drive.

Fully automatic controller options
A Bravo 180S 5 section fully automatic spray rate controller is standard with an option to upgrade to 7 section liquid control. Also available is the Seletron twin nozzle switching controller, for better droplet control in varying conditions.

Fully integrated chemical induction hopper
The standard 60 litre Chem-e-Flush hopper is fully integrated to the sprayer’s control system. Options include a chemical suction probe to induct chemicals from smaller drums, a chem-traveller system complete with Micromatic drum fittings, and an enviro-transfer kit using the sprayer’s product pump to induct chemicals from envirodrums or shuttles. An optional electro-magnetic filling flowmeter is also available.


Standard Features

  • Low profile easy to clean polyethylene tanks
  • Large, fully draining sump for complete clean out. 50mm drain outlet
  • Dual Venturi agitation with direct chemical induction at the venturi point to optimise suspension of chemicals
  • Tank rinsing facility and large drain outlet
  • UV and chemical resistant to increase longevity
  • Top/bottom fill-point with screen filter to ensure particles don’t enter the tank
  • 3 section motorised valves, 5 or 7 optional
  • ISOBUS compatible


  • Choose from 24, 28, 30, 33 and 36 metre booms – with wing-lift available on all models as an option
  • Parallelogram boom lift exceeds two metres and is fitted with a hydraulic accumulator suspension system for smooth boom ride
  • Pendulum-type full floating self leveller vastly improves turning stability of the boom and provides additional shock absorption from sudden wheel track movements
  • Adjustable 90° boom-end breakaways, boom skids, fence line protectors and protected nozzles to minimise potential contact damage
  • Four-ram hydraulic side-fold system which locks for safety in transport
  • Flushing taps at end of each boom section for excellent boom flushing
  • Chemical resistant finish to prevent corrosion
  • Non-drip nozzle bodies with drift reducing low pressure AirMix® air-induction nozzles



Bravo 180S fully automatic spray rate controller fitted standard.
Electric motorised valves provide excellent reliability and are easily accessible for servicing

  • Positive displacement, oil bath, chemical resistant diaphragm pump (180 L/min) handling a system pressure of up to 10 bar
  • 340 litre flushing tank to rinse in the field
  • 30 litre fresh water hand wash tank fitted for operator safety and convenience
  • Integrated 60 litre chemical induction hopper (Chem-e-Flush) for easy chemical mixing and transfer to the main tank
  • Central control panel for exceptionally easy operation of all liquid functions – filling, mixing, flushing and spraying set up
  • Inline boom filters fitted standard
  • Fully automatic Bravo 400S or MT3405 tspray rate controller with motorised valves for additional operator information and more boom sections if required
  • Trimble Ready with Field IQ module
  • Integrated GPS options easily adapted to most control systems for precise application
  • Left/right hydraulic wing-lift kit for lifting each boom wing by approximately 15% to overcome in-field obstacles, undulating ground or contour banks
  • Polyethylene mudguards and mudflaps to cut down dust or mud splash
  • Up to 7 section boom control to minimise over-spraying in corners and triangular areas

Also compatible with: Trimble, Topcon, Greenstar
Optional Trimble Ready with Field IQ module available for order