MT800E | 536-646HP


ModelEngineMax Power (HP/KW)Rated engine power* (HP/KW)Maximum Torque NM
MT855EAGCO POWER™ 16.8L536 (394)496 (365)2360
MT865EAGCO POWER™ 16.8L592 (435)548 (403)2600
MT875EAGCO POWER™ 16.8L646 (475)598 (440)2840


Engine and TransmissionOperator's EnvironmentTracks & UndercarriageHydraulics & Three point linkageFuse Technologies

The MT800E Series are the first tracked tractors in the industry to use the new AGCO Power™ 16.8 litre, V12 engine, with the range-topping MT875E producing a rated output of 598hp and maximum power of 646hp.

The new engine uses a combination of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) electronically controlled cEGR (Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation) to meet Tier 4 Final/Stage IV engine emission regulations.

The MT800E benefits from a new two-stage cooling system design. In addition to improved air-flow, the compact format gives easier access for cleaning.

Four turbochargers with inter-stage and after cooling ensure an optimal delivery of fresh clean air to the engine, making sure the maximum torque is always delivered at any regime.

The reliable 16F/4R Powershift transmission has been designed specifically for the MT800E tractors.

Electronic transmission control and electronic engine control work together, via the lntellitronics™  network, to manage the shifting function.

These machines have the highest transport speed of any tracked tractor, up to 39.6kph. Gear splits are spaced further apart at the higher transport speeds, requiring minimal gearshifts while maintaining rapid acceleration.

The Pinnacle View cab boasts more glass area for superior visibility and more interior space than any other tractor in its class. The Surround-Flow™ ventilation system directs air through strategically placed vents and ducts for maximum airflow and consistent cab temperatures.

The swiveling air-suspended operator’s seat offers complete comfort; the Deluxe VRS leather seat can also be specified, featuring an in-built heating and ventilation system.

The Tractor Management Centre (TMC), integrated into the armrest, puts control of major functions at the operator’s fingertips. Performance data is displayed in a simple format and the One-Touch™ headland management system, Power Management, and Auto-Guide™ guidance and steering are all conveniently controlled using the TMC.

For superb visibility in any lighting conditions, the MT800E Series is available with Nightbreaker™ HID light options or  6 rear facing and 2 belt line premium LED lights and new forward facing grill lights (roading lights)

Listen to your favourite audio with the adition of all new 4 speaker sound and the option of a premium kicker speaker.

The unique, patented single-spoke steering wheel telescopes and tilts, and for easy steering, there’s a specially textured round ball on the wheel which operates like an old-fashioned ‘spinner ball’. The steering wheel now features the integrated radio controls.

The Mobil-Trac™ system has the longest wheelbase in its category at 3000mm, with four belt widths including the new Extreme Agricultural Belt 30″, three treadbar designs and two widths of drive wheels, idlers and mid-wheels. The longer wheelbase provides more stability and better balance in every application, and the longer footprint provides lower ground pressure and more traction efficiency in all conditions.

The Opti-Ride™ suspension provides a smooth ride over the roughest terrain. Four semi-suspended polyurethane midwheels move independently to ensure the track follows all ground contours. Marsh Mellow® Springs and a stabilizer bar isolate the suspended front hardbar from the chassis allowing greater degree of free movement.

The hydraulic system offers one of the highest standard flow rates in the industry. Featuring up to six hydraulic valves, 224 litre/min can be pumped for the control and responsiveness required. A 321 litre/min pump option gives higher oil flow for faster operation when working with wide hydraulically-operated implements.

All hydraulic functions use hydraulic fluid from the unique Elevated Oil Reservoir (EOR), which is located within the tractor transmission and the rear axle housing, and ensures a constant flow of clean oil and pressure at all times.

Challenger MT800E wide swinging drawbar is available with an hydraulically controlled feature that allows the operator to decide the degree of dampening effect on lateral movement by adjusting the hydraulic flow.

Challenger MT800E Series three-point linkages are designed as an integral system to provide maximum lift capacity, lift height and control.

Challenger’s MT800E offers the only  fully steerable rear linkage in the industry. The unique design has now an updated system featuring new positioning of the steering cylinders, resulting in an improved steering angle which enhances control and stability in wet and dry conditions.

AutoGuide™ 3000 is a new, integrated guidance system, which is designed to offer the highest levels of accuracy. This latest generation provides easy to use, ‘plug and play’ operation and is fully scalable from sub-metre to centimetre accuracy. Operators benefit from reduced overlaps and fewer skips along with faster operating speeds and reduced fatigue.

All the Challenger tracked tractors are also ready-wired for AgCommand™ telemetry, a comprehensive remote monitoring, data recording and fleet management system that provides near real time access, via a mobile phone signal, to operating data that can be viewed on a secure internet page.

Fleet managers can view the whole fleet or locate individual machines and check their current operating status. They can also log and compare performance, create field and job records, plan tasks. Service reports provide a summary of future maintenance requirements.

Every Challenger MT700E tractor is ISOBUS 11783 compatible via the TMC: once the compatible implement is connected, its dedicated screen appears automatically and allows the operator to control each function without the need of any additional screens.

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