MT700E | 411-438HP


ModelEngineRated engine power* (hp/kW)Max.power** (hp/kW)
MT765EAGCO POWER™381 (280)411 (302)
MT775EAGCO POWER™405 (298)438 (322)


Engine and TransmissionOperator's EnvironmentTracks & UndercarriageHydraulicsFuse Technologies
The Challenger MT700E Series are powerd by a new 9.8L AGCO POWER engines that possess unmatched lugging ability.
By generating a greater torque rise over a wider range of RPMs, you get maximum productivity and greater efficiency.Abandon the need to downshift or pull an implement out of the ground should the going get tough.
With a higher sustained torque curve, you’ll operate at lower RPMs to save on fuel while extending engine life.
This advanced engine delivers superior fuel efficiency and lower noise levels and also uses electronic control of the cEGR system and fan for further efficiency. Torque rise of 42% delivers top pulling power in all conditions, even when lugging heavy implements through tough spots
The 16F/4R electronically controlled transmission gives exceptional flexibility, offering several shift options, including two automatic shifting mode using power management. Smoother shifts result from continuous electronic communication between the AGCO Power™ engine and the transmission via Intellitronics™ network
With the new 39.6kph transport speed, the MT700E is the fastest rubber-tracked agricultural tractor. Gear splits are spaced further apart at the higher transport speeds, requiring minimal gearshifts while maintaining rapid acceleration.

The Pinnacle View cab boasts more glass area for superior visibility and more interior space – 3.06m² – than any other tractor in its class. The exclusive Surround-Flow™ ventilation system directs air through 12 strategically placed vents and ducts for maximum airflow and consistent cab temperature. Vents also direct air to individual windows to defrost them or to create a cool air barrier on the hottest days. Creature comforts include a four-speaker sound system, together with remote radio controls on the steering wheel and optional heavy duty radio and Subwoofer.
The new Deluxe VRS Vented Leather seat is a semi-active suspension seat which further smoothes the ride of the Challenger tractor and features an in-built heating and cooling system to take operator comfort to a higher level. Using very little electricity, Nightbreaker™ HID Xeon lights are standard on all MT775E models with option of a premium LED light pack with 6 rear facing and 2 belt line lights also available.
The Tractor Management Centre (TMC) combines an innovative display with ergonomically designed controls and the colour monitor displays performance data in a simple format.

The unique Mobil-Trac™ System (MTS) wheelbase sets the standard in its power class at 2438 mm. A long wheelbase and five-axle design distributes the tractor weight over a greater area, reducing compaction and providing superior traction and lower rolling resistance. This transfers more power to the ground, reduce slippage improving fuel efficiency.

Featuring the highest transport speed of any track tractor, Challenger MT700E Series tractors travel with increased comfort using the unique maintenance free Opti-Ride™; Suspension. High-tech Marsh Mellow®; Springs rubber/fabric springs absorb shocks to the operator by isolating the hardbar from the chassis of the tractor.

A robust Stabiliser Bar enables the left and the right undercarriages to pivot and to raise up and down independently from the tractor frame.

The unique in-line reaction arm tensions each belt independently and keeps that tension in line and isolated from the tractor drive axles and frame. Quick infinite gauge changes can be easily made without de-tensioning the belt and the need of additional spacers.

Providing an industry-leading 220 litres/min hydraulic flow as standard, with the MT700E can be increased with a factory fitted new 321 litres/min option. The increased oil flow leads to faster operation when working with wide hydraulically-operated implements.

The system offers four remote circuits with options for up to six. Hydraulic Power Beyond couplers expand the versatility of the tractor by providing on-demand hydraulic flow directly to implement motors and fans. The unique Elevated Oil Reservoir (EOR) maintains a constant flow of clean oil and pressure at all times.

Remote implement hydraulics valves are electronically controlled for precise management via the Intellitronics™ network. Using the Tractor Management Centre (TMC), changes on the go can be made and timed detents and individual valve operation adjusted.

The standard three-point linkage features a lift capacity in excess of 81.7 kN, with a maximum lift capacity of 130.9 kN. Heavy duty CAT III/IV quick hitch hooks are availabe for fast implement hook-up or Cat IV hook ends.

The new CAT IV drawbar is thicker and wider than previous models and a new trigger pin makes one-person implement hook-up simple and convenient.

Every Challenger MT700E tractor is ISOBUS 11783 compatible via the TMC: once the compatible implement is connected, its dedicated screen appears automatically and allows the operator to control each function without the need of any additional screens. Auto-Guide™ 3000 guides the tractor along parallel tracks and makes steering corrections for the operator using GPS technology.

Benefit from reduced overlaps and fewer skips along with faster operating speeds and reduced fatigue.The flexibility to perform precision applications like bedforming, planting and tillage are built into the Auto-Guide satellite navigation system. The GPS receiver sends location information to the implement variable rate controllers via the Intellitronics and ISO11783 networks.

All Challenger tracked tractors are also ready-wired for AgCommand™ telemetry, a comprehensive remote monitoring, data recording and fleet management system that provides near real time access, via a mobile phone signal, to operating data. Fleet managers can view the whole fleet or locate individual machines and check their current operating status.

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