DM Series | Mowers and Mower Conditioners


Disc Mowers and Mower Conditioners

ModelConfigurationWidth (m) (HP)Min PowerPTO (RPM)Discs
DM 2463 pt – Side Mount2.82505406
DM 255 P**3 pt – Side Mount2.55545405
DM 306 P*3 pt – Side Mount3615406
DM 357 P3 pt – Side Mount3.5685407
DM 306 FPFront-Mounted3755406
DM 306 FZ#Front-Mounted37510006

* KC Conditioner ** RC Conditioner
# KC Conditioner or RC Conditioner 

Three-Point Linkage Mounted Disc Mower with Centre Support

ModelWidth (m) (HP)Min PowerPTO (RPM)DiscsRequired Hydraulic outlets
DM 306 TL375100061 X SAV, 1 X DAV
DM 306 TL-KC386100061 X SAV, 1 X DAV
DM 357 TL3.588100071 X SAV, 1 X DAV
DM 357 TL-KC3.5101100071 X SAV, 1 X DAV
DM 408 TL499100081 X SAV, 1 X DAV

Rear-Mounted Butterfly Mower Conditioners Models

ModelConditionerWidthPower DemandPTODiscs
DM 8312 TL-KCTyne8.318010002×6
DM 8312 TL-RCTyne8.318010002×7
DM 9314 TL-KCTyne9.320010002×7
DM 9314 EL TL-KCBTyne9.322810002×7

Drive Guard

Every farmer knows from experience that foreign objects accidentally drawn into the mower can cause significant damage. Massey Ferugson prevents precisely this kind of damage with driveGUARD – a top notch overload protection system.

Cost Effective protection

The driveGUARD offers the customer extremely cost-effective and reliable protection because, once the mower has been fitted with one, only the throw-away overload disc will have to be replaced if the need arises.

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