MF GC1700 | 23-25 HP




60″ Side






3 CYL.


2 Range


ModelEngine Power (hp) PTO (hp)Engine TypeTransmission Lift Capacity
MF GC170522.518.73-cylinder 1.1 Ltr DieselHydrostatic 2 range w/cruise540kg
MF GC171524.519.63-cylinder 1.1 Ltr DieselHydrostatic 2 range w/cruise540kg
MF GC1720 TLB*24.519.63-cylinder 1.1 Ltr DieselHydrostatic 2 range w/cruise540kg


EngineThree Point LinkageTyre optionsOperator's platform
  • 3 cylinder liquid cooled engine
  • Solid metal hood with tilt design and open/close handle for easy access to serviceable areas
  • Radiator with removable mesh screen to shield radiator from debris and allow access for cleaning

  • A large three point linkage capacity of 540kg.
  • Versatility for a wide range of applications and attachments.

The MF GC1700 gives operators a choice of tyres to match their application.

  • Turf Tyres when minimal ground disturbance is required
  • Ag Tyres for tougher jobs that require traction
  • Industrial Tyres ideal for loader work without being overly aggressive on turf applications.

  • New ergonomic seat, designed to custom fit all profiles.
  • Uncluttered platform to ensure ample room for movement.
  • Hydraulic joystick located on right side of console, for easy access.
  • Safety lock-out lever prevents accidental joystick movement.
  • Cruise control engagement through push lever located on dashboard.

Optional Features

SSM60 Mower DeckLoader VersatilityTractor Loader Backhoe MF GC1720 TLB

The versatile MF GC1700 series comes with the option of the SSM60 60′ side discharge mower deck ideal for residential or commercial use. The drive over deck means easy attchment and combines rugged construction with a high blade tip speed for a superior finish to your large lawn areas.

With the option of a self levelling, 4 in 1 loader, the MF GC1700 series is the ultimate workhorse ready to tackle virtually any application around your property or contracting tasks.

The MF GC1720TLB features a 4in1 Front End Loader and Backhoe as standard making this machine a truly versatile workhorse, ready to take on any task.

Combining heavy duty construction, a cast-iron bucket link, recessed grease nipples and a 12” bucket, this unit also features boom float, typically found in construction grade equipment. Boom Float makes it much easier for the operator to position the bucket, create an even floor bed in the cut, and provide smooth grading operation when backfilling.

Boom Float also provides increased operator comfort and productivity from faster digging speeds and cycle times, while reducing overall fuel consumption. The backhoe can be detached quickly and easily, allowing implements to be attached to the 3 point linkage for other tasks