ModelWorking WidthSectionsDisc SizeTractor Requirements
MF9830-3030′ (9.1m)318″ (45.6cm)180-275hp
MF9830-4040′ (12.2m)318″ (45.6cm)260-350hp
MF9850-5050′ (15.2m)518″ (45.6cm)320-425hp
MF9850-6060′ (18.3m)518″ (45.6cm)380-500hp


Reduced Hair Pinning and CompactionDepth Control AdjustmentPrecise Down PressureBar Configurations

The Massey Ferguson patented “opposing single discs” lift and displace the soil between the two narrow 6-inch rows. The loosened soil coming off of the twin discs, flows back against the trailing packer which re-levels and firms the soil over the seed rows. This soil displacement eliminates sidewall compaction, hair pinning, and open seed furrows while leaving a 6-inch blackened strip to encourage soil warming.

Height of the drill frame sets the depth of the row units. As the drill rises, the discs seed shallower. As the drill frame lowers, the discs seed deeper. Packer tires hold the discs precisely at seeding depth. Depth control collars, in the frame cylinders, hold frame exactly at desired height.

The down pressure is precisely maintained by a hydraulic cylinder on each tool bar. The pressure is constant throughout the entire range of cylinder travel. Pressure on the cylinders is controlled by the operator on-the-go. A pressure display on the down pressure control box allows the operator to monitor down force on the toolbars.

MF9800 Series Single Disc Drills are available in a range of working widths and fold configurations.



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