ModelSectionsWorking WidthTransport WidthTractor requirements**Seed openers
MF 9730-40340ft (12.2m)21ft (6.4m)360-450hp48
MF 9750-50550ft (15.2m)21ft (6.4m)360-450hp40
MF 9730-60560ft (18.3m)21ft (6.4m)400-450hp48

**depends on openers, soil type and terrain.


Exceptional Small Grain YieldOptimally placed shanksUniform Emergence

Ribbon-seeded bands and multiple fertiliser placement options offer small grain yields that other seeding systems just can’t match. The seed ribbon system with packed rows makes seed bed utilisation the highest in the industry. Plant response is a much stronger stem, superior roots and maximum yields. Through years of seeding trials, the Concord (predecessor to the Tyne Drill) proved over and over again this key to maximum production.



Shanks are optimally placed on the Tyne Drill for maximum residue clearance. There are no clog points where shank placement is compromised to fit the drill frame. Optional coulters are available to allow operation heavy trash conditions. Optional disc levelers on the shanks will eliminate stepping (rear ranks covering front ranks to make a stepped field finish). The result is a smooth field finish regardless of field speed, allowing more acres seeded with no compromise to field finish.

The key to uniform emergence in cereal grains is proper packing. The Massey Ferguson Tyne Drill weighs considerably more than most competitive drills. Combined with its wide packing wheels, this gives the Massey Ferguson Tyne Drill the best chance of superior seed-to-soil-contact. Packing wheels are mounted on the walk beam separately spring mounted to the drill frame. Running over stones or ridges will not hinder uniform, even packing.

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