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830″ 1m


Rigid or Folding









ModelRowsFrameRow SpacingTransport Width
MF91066Rigid Trailed30″4.90m
MF97028Rigid 3pl1M9.37m
MF97088Rigid 3pl30″6.32m
MF971212Rigid 3pl30″9.37m
MF979212Stack Fold 3pl1M7.62m
MF977616Stack Fold 3pl30″7.97m


PAMGentle Seed HandlingEasy Row Unit AdjustmentsCast Row UnitsRugged Frame Construction

Positive Air Metering

Unequalled planting accuracy and gentle seed handling is achieved through the proven PAM™ Positive Air Metering system.

PAM™ achieves highly accurate singulation by drawing air above and forward of the row units, drawing in clean air that is free from dust and grit common in vacuum units. This process is gentle on both seed and machine, with the MF9000 series requiring minimal maintenance for a lifetime of use.

The open frame on the MF9000 Series Precision Planters provides unrestricted access to the low maintenance seed disc, which can be, removed simply using one knob. The see hopper does not need to be removed to change the seed disc.

1. Low-pressure positive air enters the seed meter.
2. Seeds are held in each seed cell by the gentle air pressure.
3. The seed meter’s one moving part, the seed disc, rotates counterclockwise with a seed retained in each cell. Abrasive steel fingers which can cause damage to fragile seed are not used.
4. As the cell reaches the tickler brush, excess seed is removed from the cell if more than one seed is present.
5. When the seed advances around the meter, the air cutoff brush gently shuts off the air and holds the seed in place until reaching the bottom of the seed disc rotation.
6. The exclusive EDGE DROP design of the seed disc gently releases the seed, allowing it to free-fall naturally into the seed tube at regular intervals as accurately and consistently as gravity itself.
7. Seed is released in a slight rearward motion permitting the seed to be oriented rearward and fall down the curved seed tube into the seed trench.

The easy to access depth adjustment handle provides a visual indication of plating depth along all row units from .25 to 4.5 inches in 1/4 inch increments. Each notch aligned left and right changes the depth 1/2 inch.

The machining of all assembly points ensure precise alignment of components. The closing wheel assembly is also cast for superior strength and extended life of the unit.

Available in Rigid (Trailed Single Bar), Hyd (Trailed Vertical Fold), Forward Fold, Horizontal Wing Fold and Mounted Toolbar Rigid versions. The strong welded construction ensures all MF Precision Planters have a long machine and service life, while the robust 180 x 180 mm frame has the strength to meet the demands of the toughest field conditions.

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