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ModelMax Hp* Max Torque**EngineTransmission
MF 5608853633Cyl/ 3.3L AGCO POWERDyna-4
MF 5609954053Cyl/ 3.3L AGCO POWERDyna-4
MF 56101054133Cyl/ 3.3L AGCO POWERDyna-4

*@ 2,000 rpm  |  **@ 1600 rpm


EngineDyna-4 TransmissionCabEssentialLoader ApplicationFront LinkageRear LinkageServicing

Three Cylinder
A 3-cylinder, common rail engine ensures optimum fuel efficiency, uninhibited power and reliability. Highly efficient with minimal exhaust emissions, the AGCO POWER engine meets stringent Tier 4 emissions regulations. The three-cylinder common rail engines specified on the MF 5600 Series are extremely compact in design, allowing the fuel tank capacity to be maximised for prolonged working hours, without taking anything away from the performance.

The system within the engine that ensures emissions reduction is completely maintenance free. A diesel oxidation catalyser (DOC) is used and is a flow-through system so no clogging will occur. Exhaust gases cross through the catalyser which oxidizes the carbon monoxide, gaseous hydrocarbons and unburned fuel and oil, therefore reducing harmful emissions. The efficiency of the DOC gives optimum engine performance in all applications.

The simple, multi-function, left-hand Power Control lever enables convenient and straightforward operation. It provides forward/reverse shuttle, powershift and range changes and fingertip de-clutching, leaving the right hand free to operate the loader or rear implements.

In ECO Mode* the tractor will reach maximum speed with lower engine revs, particularly useful in transport applicators. The drop in revs ensures less fuel is used plus a significant drop in noise level as well as an even better driving experience.

AutoDrive allows the operator to drive on the foot throttle or with the hand throttle. This allows adjustment of transmission operating modes to suit different jobs. Close control in specialist low-speed tasks is assured with an additional 16 (supercreep) gears, enabling forward speeds as low as 160m/hr to be achieved. Smooth or fast shuttling – the choice is yours – adjust the comfort control knob and you have the perfect tractor for loader work.

*Available on 34” or 38” tyres

Clear and informative instrumentation within the slim dashboard provides operational and functional information. The right-hand pillar houses working lights, rear PTO selection, rear linkage control and the Combined Flow hydraulic switch.

The MF 5600 cab has the fundamental elements that you need every day; space, comfort, visibility and ergonomics for a relaxing and productive driver environment.

 Cab access is excellent with wide opening left and right-hand doors for versatile access.

Vision is excellent thanks to the slim dashboard, hi-visibility bonnet design and a wide expanse of curved glass allowing an unrestricted view; a must in loader operations.
The cab features a fully adjustable bottom step so you can choose the height you need to step into the tractor.

Essential is the base specification for the MF 5600 Series, but it is anything but basic. It provides all the key elements you would expect from Massey Ferguson, with a blend of simplicity, ease of use and versatility to fit needs that require power and performance without excess sophistication.






A high-visibility bonnet is the trademark of a good loader tractor, giving excellent views of the loader, implement and operation. The MF 5600 offers the highest visibility thanks to the overall design. The bonnet, slimline dashboard and new cab structure ensure all round, unimpeded views. There is also an optional visio roof for uncompromised visibility during loader operations.

Subframe & Chassis

Design features of the MF 5600 Series ensure complete productivity. From the curved integral structure of the specially designed chassis and loader sub-frame to the easy connection and disconnection of the loader and implement. Each feature holds the key to a more productive, more profitable day. The loader subframe design is integrated at factory source to give you optimum performance and ultimately, the perfect all-purpose tractor.

Brake to Neutral

Placing the transmission into neutral can now be linked to the brake pedal. This means that with only one foot, the operator can brake and clutch at the same time, giving total control of the machine with only one foot. Making loader operation easier, more comfortable and safer all round.

Multifunction Joystick

The unique Massey Ferguson Multifunction Loader joystick has additional transmission functions such as forward/reverse and speed change for added versatility during operation. The joystick makes loader operation simple – operate the loader, change speed and shuttle with your right hand

The close coupled front linkage design means that the tractor is compact, which aids stability and manoeuvrability, particularly when working on hillsides.

Take full advantage of productivity gains when using both front/rear implement combinations. The front linkage has a 2,500 kg lift capacity allowing it to lift a variety of implements suitable for this type of tractor. At the touch of a button, simultaneous actuation of front and rear differential locks ensures maximum traction at all times, under all conditions.

The rear linkage has been optimised specifically to complement this size of tractor. It boasts an impressive lift capacity of 4,300 kg, meaning that heavy-mounted equipment can be lifted with ease. Fully adjustable lift rods and heavy-duty stabilisers provide adjustment for the correct attachment and setting of a wide range of mounted and semi-mounted implements.

Hydraulic & PTO

The MF 5600 Series has excellent lift capacity and loader capability with outstanding hydraulic potential and PTO specifications to give you total operating flexibility.

58 litre/min of oil is available for linkage and external hydraulic functions. Plenty of flow and pressure to cater for lifting heavy equipment or powering ancillary accessories. A new 100 litre ‘Combined’ flow option allows 100 litre/min oil flow to be achieved at the press of a button. a higher flow is made available to give extra speed and power for loader operation and improved linkage speed.

PTO engagement remains electro-hydraulic using the same 3-position safety switch (On, Off, and Lock/Brake). Standard external fender mounted switches are available for PTO engagement and disengagement.

Electronic Linkage Control (ELC)

The industry-leading ELC system system provides precise and responsive control of the linkage functions, ensuring accurate control of the depth of work for soil engaging implements plus working height for non-soil engaging implements. The controls include a mouse and a simple panel which provide straightforward control of the linkage and other rear linkage functions for enhanced productivity.

Straightforward and simple servicing takes the stress out of maintaining your tractor, leaving you with more time in the field.

The cab air filter can be removed easily for cleaning. The waisted bonnet and front axle design ensures comfortable access to the engine oil filters and oil dipstick. The well proportioned cooling package is easy to access, clean and maintain. The engine air filter is also very easy to access and clean. Plenty of room to access radiators for cleaning thanks to the waisted design of the bonnet and front cast.

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