MF 3600 V/S/F | 84-102 HP

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ModelCapacity/ClyRated hp (kW)Version Transmission
MF36403.3/384V/S/F4/12 PowerShuttle & SpeedShift (40km/h)**
MF36603.3/3102F4/12 PowerShuttle & SpeedShift (40km/h)**

** 24/24 Mechanical Shuttle with SpeedShift (40km/h) *Vineyard (V) – Special (S) – Fruit (F)


VersionsCabEngine and transmissionManoeuvrability

Three versions are offered, each tailored to working in specific crops:
Vineyard (V) – from 1.0m width, strategically designed to work in traditional narrow vineyards, with 1.8m – 2.0m spacings between the vines.

Special (S) – from 1.3m width, built for more open vineyards, with 2.0m to 2.2m row spacings. Features a much larger cab and enhanced operator comfort.

Fruit (F) – widths from 1.5m, to suit more extensive vineyards and fruit orchards. This is a substantial tractor with a wider front axle and the most spacious, user-friendly cab in its class. (This model can be set up specifically for use on steep slopes, with a lower centre of gravity and low building access).

The MF 3600 Series provides a spacious, stress-free working environment for the operator.

Excellent, all-round and upward visibility, easy cab access and more room around the seat, steering wheel and controls have all resulted from a substantial re-design of the cab interior. A recessed sun visor, highly effective air-conditioning and air cleaning system, together with lower noise levels, combine to provide a pleasant working environment – even in demanding conditions.

Outside, the new vertical exhaust has been designed to deflect emissions away from valuable crops like grapes, hanging fruit and olives. The positioning of the exhaust serves to further reduce noise levels inside the cab. All machine controls are clear and logically place

Switching to common rail technology has brought a range of advantages to the MF 3600 Series power units – lower fuel costs per hectare, lower exhaust emissions and less noise and engine vibration. AGCO POWER engines have now set the standard by which other sources of tractor power are compared, particularly in relation to faster, smoother acceleration. They develop more power and torque at lower engine speeds than previous models – as confirmed by field-test customers.

In addition to the enhanced PowerShuttle feature, the transmission retains the popular SpeedShift facility and the smooth-or-fast shuttling Comfort Control. This system is operated by a switch on the dashboard to ease all PTO and loader tasks.

Working in restricted spaces and between delicate crops means the ability to perform tight manoeuvres is absolutely paramount in a specialist compact tractor.

MF 3600 Series tractors have been specifically designed and engineered to perform all the tasks demanded of them. The slim, ‘waisted’ front chassis and oscillating front axle between them allow extreme manoeuvrability. Combined with a straightforward, heavy-duty steering mechanism, it enables safe, effortless changes of direction around close rows of valuable crops. Electro-hydraulic control further refines the machine’s handling on steep or rough ground, providing reassuring control of implements on both sides of the row.

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